San Diego Corporate Headquarters

Wireless Flash News Inc.
PO Box 633030
San Diego, CA 92163-3030
Phone: 619-220-7191

Editorial Inquiries
Phone: 619-220-7191 ext. 181

Sales Inquiries
Phone: 619-220-7191 ext. 131

Key Editorial Staff & Contact Info
Senior Editor: Monica Garske, 619-220-7191 xt 181
Associate Editor: Alex Davies, 619-220-7191 xt 141
Associate Editor: Julian Rico, 619-220-7191 xt 107

Business & Operations
Managing Editor: Patrick Glynn, 619-220-7191 xt 161
Sales Manager: Dave Louie, 619-220-7191 xt 131
Client Services: Chloe Nelson, 619-220-7191 xt 121

Career Opportunities
We're always looking for talented and qualified individuals to join our team. Please submit a resume and cover letter to the managing editor, either by email or regular post.

Business Development
For more information on partnership opportunities with WFN, Inc, please call 619-220-7191 ext. 131.

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