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Weird News Central: Real Mad Men Go `Retrosexual'

Mad Men's Don Draper is the poster boy for the male Retrosexual movement.

Mad Men's Don Draper is the poster boy for the male Retrosexual movement.

Friday, April 2, 2010 17:19 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Light up a smoke and start chasing your secretary around your desk. America has gone “Retrosexual.”

It seems that some guys are taking TV’s Mad Men way too seriously and bringing the show’s office antics into their actual workplaces.

AOL Senior Correspondent Buck Wolf looks at the new fad and its leading proponent, Brett McCay, who’s behind the YouTube sensation Powerpoint presentation, Art Of Manliness.

This “Menaissance” as it’s being called, urges guys to act like real men and ditch the manicured metrosexual movement.

But some argue that it’s also a move against some of the unintended consequences of the feminist movement, leaving men confused as to how to act in a gender-equal world.

Wolf says, “The big promise of the Retrosexual movement is that guys can go back to a simpler time when scotch-drinking and girl-chasing weren’t frowned on, and nobody entered rehab for sex addiction. They embraced it.”