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Dinosaur, Colorado, Home To Actual Dinosaurs

Monday, March 29, 2010 16:08 GMT

DINOSAUR, Colo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Anyone hoping to see a dinosaur should go to the most obvious place in the world – Dinosaur, Colorado.

The tiny mountain town with a population of 335 is home to hundreds of dinosaurs – or at least it once was, judging by the large amount of dino fossils and bones found in the area.

Tom Collins, spokesperson for the Colorado Welcome Center at Dinosaur, says the town is very popular with paleontologists.

He says, “We get a lot of them. They’re in and out all summer long.”

Paleontologists enjoy excavating in different parts of the national monument, an area of lush wilderness which houses many ancient artifacts.

They also take pictures with the street signs throughout town, since many of them are named after different dinosaurs, like Brontosaurus Boulevard.

Not only do visitors roar and act like pre-historic beasts for fun, they also go on hikes through the trails where they might make a dino discovery.