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Rub The One You Love

Friday, February 12, 2010 17:08 GMT

WARRENTON, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – This Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), rub the love in your life the right way.

A massage on the most romantic day of the year can inspire anyone to feel the love, and Will Green of the International Massage Association is helping those who want to surprise their special someone with a rub down get the technique right.

Instead of spending tons of cash to have some other person sensually touch their partner, Green offers tips and tricks on that’ll turn the stiffest person into putty in one’s hand.

Through a series of 10-minute videos, Green teaches the massage style that he says heals and warms a lover’s body.

Green assures that a sultry rub with candles and low lighting is the way to say “I love you.”

He adds, “My dream is for everyone to love each other. Touch is the ultimate communication, and massage is both a powerful and natural way to heal people.”