Friday, July 10, 2009

Buck Wolf’s Weird News Central: Ode To Sexy Car Babes

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The U.S. auto industry may be in ruins, but let’s not forget one of its greatest contributions to the world: The car babe.

Those sexy models who sprawl across the hood of new cars at auto shows are an American staple, and Buck Wolf of’s Weird News Central is taking a look at the most legendary auto gals.

He says, “Even in the 1920s, Henry Ford knew that the best way to sell a new car was with plenty of sex.”

With vintage photos, you’ll see Eleanor Thornton, the woman who inspired the popular Rolls Royce hood ornament.

By the 1950s, GM was selling trucks by having car babes in skimpy bikinis swim in the back of pickup trucks filled with water.

Then there are the sad stories, like Nell Theobald – Miss BMW 1966 – who posed at the New York Auto Show with a lion that sunk its teeth into her thigh. She recovered but was never heard from again.

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