Monday, June 8, 2009

Was David Carradine Highly Psychic?

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ahh, grasshopper. Late martial arts master David Carradine happened to be highly psychic.

According to psychic Judy Hevenly, those who are deeply involved with martial arts can easily tap into their own psychic abilities.

The focused meditation practiced in martial arts helps people get attuned with their intuition and they often have “prophetic visions” as a result.

Hevenly believes Carradine knew death was near because he’d “reached perfection” and learned all he could on Earth.

He was ready to move on to the afterlife and learn more, and the Kung Fu star had a master waiting for him upon his crossover.

Hevenly says Carradine was met by a Chinese Kung Fu master with whom he’d been psychically corresponding while he was still alive.

He’s now “very happy” in his new realm and plans to visit loved ones soon. Hevenly says personal items like Carradine’s Kung Fu belts will be “conduits” for family members to talk to him.

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