Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr. T Rivals Chuck Norris In Battle Of The Badasses

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ultimate ’80s action hero Chuck Norris may have finally met his match in A-Team tough guy Mr. T.

College student Ian Spector has written Chuck Norris Vs. Mr. T: 400 Facts About The Baddest Dudes In The History Of Ever (Gotham), which features trivia confirming the stalwart statuses of the pop culture icons.

The book boasts fierce factoids like, “The last man to make eye contact with Mr. T was Stevie Wonder,” and “Chuck Norris coined the phrase ‘I could eat a horse’ after he ate the last unicorn in existence.”

Though Spector has always considered Norris the king of badasses, he says Mr. T rivals him with his wicked mohawk, gold chains, and bulging biceps.

Still, Spector isn’t sure who would win in a cage match between the two, and would put his money on Vin Diesel instead.

While Norris and Mr. T seem invincible, even the baddest of the bad have their Kryptonite.

Spector says Norris’ Achilles heel would be “legal fees,” while Mr. T’s would be pawn shops trying to nab his bling.

Chuck Vs. Mr. T hits shelves tomorrow (Nov. 25).

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