Monday, August 4, 2008

Former Olympian Provides Security For America

ARLINGTON, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One former Olympic athlete is securing much more than just a win for America.

C. Thomas McMillen participated in the 1972 Munich Olympics as a member of the USA Men’s Basketball Team.

He was there when the horrific Munich Massacre terror attacks occurred, and his life was never the same.

After the Olympics and playing professional basketball for the NBA, McMillen became a congressman and an advocate for homeland security.

He’s currently the CEO of Homeland Security Capital Corporation.

McMillen protects the U.S. because he doesn’t want Americans to experience the terror of attacks like the Munich Massacre or 9/11.

He says the Beijing 2008 Olympics look safe so far, since the Chinese government has been putting billions of dollars into securing the area.

Still, there’s always a risk of terrorism at international, high-profile events, and he warns Olympic athletes to remain calm.

He suggests sporty contenders stay close to the Olympics village, always travel with a friend, learn basic Chinese phrases, and stay focused on bringing home a win.

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