Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ghost Hunters Call Out The Real Weirdos

DECATUR, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ghost hunters aren’t the real weirdos.

Troy Taylor, founder of the American Ghost Society, and other purveyors of the paranormal will be convening on all things spooky on June 20-21 for the Haunted America Conference in Decatur, Illinois.

Hair-raising ghost hunts and seances will be on the menu at the event, and Taylor has some choice words for other freaky followers who think ghost hunters are a bunch of freaks.

He says, “Bigfoot and alien abduction people are the real weirdos. Most people are willing to consider the idea of ghosts because they are part of the culture. It’s different degrees of crazy.”

The creepy conference is a chance for spirit seekers to feel normal.

Taylor explains, “It can be pretty weird when we get together. We don’t have the type of conversation you’d have with your Aunt Sally. It’s nice to spend a weekend with people who are just as strange as you are.”

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