Friday, January 18, 2008

Movie Critic Dubs Katherine Heigl’s New Film ‘Anti- Woman’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Katherine Heigl’s new movie 27 Dresses seems like the perfect chick flick, but one movie critic thinks is actually “anti-woman.” columnist Dave White says Heigl’s flick – about a woman who’s been a bridesmaid 27 times, but never a bride – is “pure misery” unless, as he puts it, “You’re into watching female characters toss their dignity out the window so that it can be peed on in a gutter by random strangers.”

And while 27 Dresses just doesn’t do it for White, he has a list of other wedding films that he actually does like.

Wedding films that had White hearing blissful bells include...

  • Robert Altman’s 1978 flick A Wedding, which White watched in his teens and “Came away from it thinking weddings are weird – cause they are.”

  • Betsy’s Wedding, starring teen queen Molly Ringwald. White enjoys the outrageous wardrobe in the 1990 film, especially Ringwald’s top hat, which White calls “out-of-control bad – and good.”

  • Finally, Toni Collette’s 1994 comedy Muriel’s Wedding, which White says is “the movie 27 Dresses doesn’t have the nerve to be,” since Collette’s character is obsessed with weddings and the film “has the spine to show you how pathetic that is.”

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