Monday, November 26, 2007

‘Beauty’ Sets Record Straight About Her ‘Mean’ Personality

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Beauty and the Geek cast-off Jen Carter wants to set the record straight about her personality.

Carter – who was booted off the show last Tuesday (Nov. 19) – was often dubbed “mean” and “intimidating” for her athletic appearance by her geeky partner William McDonald, but Carter doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.

She says, “I never really understood why William was scared of me. I mean, I’m five feet, 10 inches and I weigh 140 pounds. I can pick him up, but I can’t throw him through a wall or anything.”

And while McDonald claimed Carter reminded him of the athletic jocks that teased him in high school, the buff blonde beauty says she’s no bully.

Carter says, “I’m not mean like the athletes William has experienced. I wasn’t there to hurt him, I was there to help him. Towards the end I think he finally realized that and grew to trust me.”

And although Carter and her geek were seen bickering more often than not, Carter assures they had some good times too.

She adds, “We played a lot of chess and invented a fun pool game called watermelon polo, which was water polo with a greased up watermelon. But they edited all that out and focused on our fighting.”

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