Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon plays a pregnant Midwestern woman married to an Egyptian citizen in Rendition, and she tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that faking a pregnancy on the big screen is sometimes easier than hiding a real one. Witherspoon explains, “I was actually pregnant when I did Vanity Fair and I had to hide it with a specially engineered corset. In Rendition I wore a big pregnancy pad, but it was better than the real thing because it only weighed a few pounds. After two kids you have no problem knowing how to look pregnant.”

HOLLYWOOD – Reese Witherspoon is always dressed in designer duds, but she tells Jeanne Wolf that her real wardrobe weakness is shoes. Says Witherspoon, “I have a lot of shoes. I inherited all of Elle Wood’s shoes from both [Legally Blonde] films, about 150 pairs. I sort of squirreled them away. I’m more likely to be wearing a pair of trainers when I’m with my kids.”

HOLLYWOOD – Oscar-winning beauty Halle Berry plays a tortured woman dealing with the death of her husband in the new dramatic film Things We Lost In The Fire, but in reality, the mommy-to-be is happier than ever and anticipating the arrival of her first child with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. Berry tells Jeanne Wolf, “I think having a baby will make me a richer, deeper human being. By the way, there’s nothing bad about it [being pregnant]. I’ve loved every second of it – even the morning sickness, and the vomiting, and the hot sweats.”

HOLLYWOOD – Ben Affleck makes his directorial debut in the thriller Gone Baby Gone starring his baby bro, Casey Affleck, and compared to his action-fighting wife, Jennifer Garner, Ben admits he has it easy when it comes to making movies. Affleck tells Jeanne Wolf, “My wife was doing stunts in 100-degree heat in the Arizona desert [for The Kingdom] and I was sitting in a nice air-conditioned hotel room editing Gone Baby Gone on a laptop. It was a great way to decompress. Meanwhile, Jennifer was doing all the heavy lifting.”

HOLLYWOOD – Sexy stud Josh Hartnett plays a sheriff battling vampires in 30 Days of Night, and Hartnett tells Jeanne Wolf that he enjoyed putting his own spin on his action hero character. Says Hartnett: “Bruce Willis would’ve probably knocked out the vampires with a punch to the jaw. Harrison Ford would’ve gotten clobbered and responded with a witty line before shooting them. We all have our own ways. Forget the stake through the heart or the silver bullet, I use an axe to chop their heads off.”

HOLLYWOOD – Actress Jennifer Connelly plays a grieving mom torn apart by the death of her young son due to a hit-and-run accident in Reservation Road, and she tells Jeanne Wolf that she felt remorse while researching the role. Connelly explains, “I went on chat rooms where people were sharing thoughts about the children they had lost. That was really devastating. I very quickly felt like I had no business trespassing because it was something really sacred and personal that shouldn’t be exploited.”

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