Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Old School Drive-In A No Hanky Panky Zone

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Going to the drive-in will get you a lot less action than it used to.

Drive-in movie theaters, once a staple of classic Americana and backseat lovin’, are making a comeback in New York with DRV-IN, a new cinema where folks can cuddle up in a classic 1965 Ford Falcon and enjoy some flicks.

But the drive-in isn’t as hot and heavy as some lovebirds would hope.

In fact, according to co-owner and creator Ben Smyth, the parked drive-in car doesn’t give you the green light for hanky panky.

He says, “We had that fear originally, that people would be making out in the car. But there’s glass behind it so people walking by can see. You’d have to be pretty brave to continue on with your hanky panky with people watching.”

Despite the automotive cock-block, Smyth says the DRV-IN experience is “alot more fun than movie theatres” and allows “a group of friends to have fun and interact.”

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