Tuesday, October 16, 2007

High-Tech Gadgets Are Confusing

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – High-tech gadgets like iPods and computers may make our lives easier, but they’re making our vocabulary difficult.

The Global Language Monitor, a California-based company that analyzes the latest trends in word usage around the world, has just announced the top 10 most confusing High-Tech Buzzwords of 2007, and iPod ranks as the most confusing buzzword of all.

Other bewildering buzzwords include...

  • Flash, as in Flash Memory for a computer, which is easier to say than explaining the complicated function that the tiny accessory performs.

  • Nano, which is a term widely used to describe anything small, as in nanotechnology.

  • Kernel, which is the core layer of a computer operating system, serving as a connection to the underlying hardware.

  • Plasma, as in plasma television, is a top word still confusing big-screen TV buyers.

  • Finally, Blu-Ray, a new technology for high capacity DVDs, is making movie buffs think twice about what they pop into their DVD players.

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