Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix plays a conflicted man who gets involved with the drug-dealing Russian mob in We Own The Night, and he tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that he’d rather play a violent criminal on the silver screen any day over a regular, boring guy. Says Phoenix: “I don’t want regular life in my work. I live a regular life. On a film set I want like fing intense s. If you were a fing mountain climber, would you want to walk up the Hollywood Hills or would you want to fing climb a cliff? I’m not going to spend three months working on something that’s not difficult or intense. I’d just get fing bored, to be honest.”

HOLLYWOOD – Sexy starlet Eva Mendes plays the worried girlfriend of Joaquin Phoenix in We Own The Night, and she tells Jeanne Wolf that her hot sex scene with Phoenix was what truly petrified her. Mendes explains, “It was nerve- wracking. I remember the day we shot the love scene, I was stalling quite a bit because I was so scared. Finally, I thought, ‘You’ve got to just take it like a man.’ Maybe I could’ve come up with something better, but it got me into bed with him.”

HOLLYWOOD – Eva Mendes shows off her sexy side as Joaquin Phoenix’s main squeeze in We Own The Night, but the sultry starlet admits she pigs out just as much as anyone. Mendes confesses to Jeanne Wolf, “Pizza is my all-time favorite food and I can have a whole one, easy. I would shock you at how much I could actually eat. Oh, this is not funny, it’s kind of gross, but I love those cups of noodles, the kind you can get at any 7-Eleven. That really rocks my world. I usually get like two at a time. And then I realize, ‘This costs like 18 cents. This cannot be good for you.’”

HOLLYWOOD – Pop diva Janet Jackson is making her acting comeback as a relationship counselor in Tyler Perry’s dramatic new film, Why Did I Get Married?, and Jackson tells Jeanne Wolf that she should’ve taken her own character’s advice on matters of the heart. Says Jackson: “My character suggests that couples make a list of good and bad things about each other. If the bad outweighs the good, that’s a signal you’re in trouble. I was actually thinking, ‘I really should’ve done this with my own marriages.’ Maybe the one that lasted the longest would’ve been over sooner.”

HOLLYWOOD – Silver screen stud Jude Law plays an unemployed actor who steals a millionaire’s wife in the remake of the classic thriller Sleuth, and it seems that Law has fully accepted his notoriety as a womanizing bad boy, both on and off-screen. Law tells Jeanne Wolf, “I think women like bad boys. That has been my experience. I just think it’s kind of a given. At a certain age you figure out what works for you and being a good boy never worked for me. And if you’re a bad boy, they like it.”

HOLLYWOOD – Actor Ryan Gosling plays a troubled guy that strikes up an unconventional relationship with a blow-up sex doll in the drama Lars and the Real Girl, and working with his plastic co-star Bianca wasn’t too difficult for Gosling. He jokes with Jeanne Wolf, “I’ve worked with a lot of actresses who didn’t give you much, so this wasn’t very different. But Bianca was life-like and very beautiful. She had cute little freckles and there were moments when you could swear she was blinking her eyes at you. I bonded to her.”

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