Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The World’s Biggest Yo-Yo Strings Along Tourists

CHICO, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Folks are spinning over to Chico, California, to marvel at the largest collection of yo-yos.

The National Yo-Yo museum opened in 1993, and holds more than 10,000 spinners of all types, including a candy dispenser yo-yo and one that serves double duty as both a yo-yo and a martini shaker.

But the main attraction is a 256-pound yo-yo, appropriately dubbed Big Yo, which stretches 50-inches in diameter and is propelled with a 70-foot long string.

According to museum director, Thad Winzenz, it takes some heavy machinery to string along Big Yo.

He says, “It takes a fairly large crane to get her moving, but a good operator can make it go up and down eight to ten times.”

And despite owning such a large treasure, Winzenz isn’t worried about thieves toying around at the museum because he has a big backup plan.

He says, “I’m sure people have wanted to steal one, but no one’s ever tried. If they did, though, I’d go after them with Big Yo.”

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