Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kids Care About Global Warming

ONTARIO, Canada (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A children’s author in Ontario, Canada, is teaching kids about global warming one furry friend at a time.

Environmental enthusiast Jan Thornhill has just written a book titled This Is My Planet: The Kid’s Guide To Global Warming (Maple Tree Press), and her secret weapon to get kids interested in preserving the environment is to show them how animals are affected by global warming.

Thornhill explains, “Kids love animals and want to see them happy in their environments. If kids see how global warming affects tigers, whales, and polar bears, they’re going to listen and want to help the animals.”

And although global warming may seem like a tough subject to teach tots, Thornhill thinks kids are crucial to getting a handle on the environmental issue.

Thornhill adds, “Kids are much more sensible than adults sometimes, and are good at grasping the bigger picture of global warming. They definitely get it!”

This Is My Planet: The Kids’ Guide To Global Warming hits shelves September 30.

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