Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe is one of Tinseltown’s leading men, and he tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that his parents have been calling his performances Oscar-worthy since childhood. Crowe explains, “When I was a kid, long before I thought about acting, I gave this impassioned speech about whether we should root for the rugby team from South Africa since their political system was based on apartheid. I guess I got really carried away because afterwards my father came up to me and said, ‘Oh, why don’t you just go to Hollywood.’ Kind of ironic, isn’t it?”

HOLLYWOOD – Sexy actor Christian Bale has been perfecting his superhero skills as Batman on the silver screen since 2005, but while filming his latest Batman flick, The Dark Knight, Bale had some problems with his crimefighting threads – especially his cape. He tells Jeanne Wolf, “I’ve tripped on that damn thing [cape] or I throw a punch and it ends up covering my whole head. It’s really not practical. If you’re going to get the bad guys, forget the cape.”

HOLLYWOOD – Actor Clive Owen plays a family man caught in the middle of an intense shoot-out in the upcoming film Shoot ’Em Up, but surprisingly, he modeled his action character after a pretty peaceful guy. Owen tells Jeanne Wolf, “There were moments [in the film] where I felt a little like Bugs Bunny. My character just loves carrots and he ends up eating them at some unlikely moments. So I’m making carrots cool.”

HOLLYWOOD – Paul Giamatti gets a shot at being the bad guy in Shoot ‘Em Up, and confesses to Jeanne Wolf that playing a big screen villain has always been his dream. Giamatti says, “When I was a kid growing up, I was never interested in the good guys. I always wanted to play someone evil, but people haven’t seen me that way. At Yale I used to always get cast as the old guy. If there was somebody in a wheelchair, that would be me.”

HOLLYWOOD – Saturday Night Live funnyman Will Forte plays half of an awkward, socially inept duo in the upcoming comedy, The Brothers Solomon, and he tells Jeanne Wolf he had a hard time filming romantic moments with both ladies – and gentlemen – in the flick. Says Forte: “I had a scene with this gentleman who was probably in his late 40s. This was a very awkward thing, because when you meet this guy beforehand you’re like, ‘I will be kissing you tonight.’ And it ends up I probably kissed him 50 times because you have to keep doing these different takes.”

HOLLYWOOD – Hilarious actor Will Arnett plays a romantically-challenged guy trying to score with the ladies in The Brothers Solomon, and his character definitely had a way with words with his sweet co-star, The Office actress Jenna Fischer. Arnett tells Jeanne Wolf, “I had to say awful stuff to her, but I was lucky that I was in the middle of filming Blades of Glory, so I knew her. I had to say lines like, ‘You’ve got a beautiful face. It makes up for your body.’ And ‘Are you ovulating?’ So I apologized in advance, but if it would’ve been a stranger it would’ve been super awkward. Jenna gets it. She’s totally game – so after asking her if she’d have my baby, I just told her that it was nice being terrible to her all day.”

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