Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Samuel L. Jackson may be the highest grossing star in movie history, but for his latest role as an ex-boxer living on the streets in the film Resurrecting The Champ, the actor tells columnist Jeanne Wolf he channeled his inner vagrant. When it comes to pushing carts as a homeless man, Jackson says, “It was hard. I have sympathy for street people who tow those things around. And I have to jog with it. I was in better shape when I finished than when I started.”

HOLLYWOOD – Sexy stud Josh Hartnett plays a sports journalist in the upcoming flick, Resurrecting The Champ, but what the world really wants is to see the Sin City actor in another comic book-style film. Hartnett tells Jeanne Wolf, “Since Sin City, people have been trying to get me to do other comic book films, but I couldn’t bring myself to put on tights. I finally found one where I was allowed to wear pants!”

HOLLYWOOD – Ethan Hawke is a bonafide Hollywood leading man, and he confesses to Jeanne Wolf that his acting motivation comes from remembering his high school football glory days. Hawke explains, “[The motto that keeps me going is] that I always hear my old football coach in my head, saying, ‘200 percent, Hawke! Ordinary effort, ordinary result.’”

HOLLYWOOD – Fantastic Four star Chris Evans plays a “Harvard Hottie” who peaks Scarlett Johansson’s interest in The Nanny Diaries, but Evans hasn’t let his life as a big screen heartthrob go to his head. He tells Jeanne Wolf, “I’m a huge fan of big families, and going back to Boston and being with my family and childhood friends reminds you of who you were, who you are, and who you should be. My buddies give me a hard time [about Hollywood]. They will never take me seriously, ever.”

HOLLYWOOD – Breakout actor Trent Ford plays a young Mormon in the upcoming drama, September Dawn, and since the film is set in 1857, his only mode of transportation was horseback, which got a little tricky. Ford tells Jeanne Wolf, “I got to do plenty of the galloping scenes myself. The wrangler had a deal where, if your hat came off [during riding], you had to buy him a case of beer. And when mine went sailing away, I was the one actor good enough to hold true to the bet, except I made a mistake. I bought the boys a case of Stella Artois, and all they really wanted was Bud Light.”

HOLLYWOOD – Scarlett Johansson deals with a spoiled, troublemaking kid in The Nanny Diaries, but she tells Jeanne Wolf she has dealt with a much a bigger diva in the showbiz world – her friend, director Woody Allen. Johansson jokes, “Woody can be a diva. You should see him in the morning. He’s like, ‘Where are my muffins?’ He won’t do anything until he eats muffins, it’s out of control!”

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