Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman plays an action mom who battles alien pod people in her new thriller, The Invasion, and she tells columnist Jeanne Wolf she’s definitely racking up the mom points with her kids with the “cool” roles she’s been playing lately. Kidman says, “Actually, playing a singing penguin in Happy Feet [last year] helped me a lot. I’m still nowhere near cool, but it certainly got me brownie points.”

HOLLYWOOD – Actor Seth Rogen has been developing the screenplay for his teen comedy Superbad since he was in high school, but when it came to playing the main character based on himself in the flick, he didn’t have a prayer. Rogen tells Jeanne Wolf, “I was going to a meeting to pitch myself [for the part] and I shaved really, really close. Then I thought, ‘What T-shirt will make me look young?’ That’s when I realized I should forget it. The fact that I was having to put that much thought into looking young meant I was getting old.” Luckily, actor Jonah Hill stepped in for the role and Rogen still got a hilarious part as a fumbling, bumbling cop.

HOLLYWOOD – Buddies Jonah Hill and Michael Cera play two awkward high schoolers desperately trying to score with the ladies in Superbad, and they both tell Jeanne Wolf that their pretty female prospects in the film reminded them of their real life experiences with girls. Cera explains, “I can be a little geeky, but, hopefully, less inept. If you compared me with all my ex-girlfriends as to who’s more attractive, it’s always them.” Hill adds, “We both attract women that look a lot better than us. The one I date in real life would laugh at a penis joke, and that’s probably why they like me.”

HOLLYWOOD – Heroes star Ali Larter is trying her hand at singing and dancing in her new Bollywood flick, Marigold, in which she plays a Tinseltown diva opposite Bollywood super star Salman Khan, and she tells Jeanne Wolf that working with the Indian actor was a fun experience. Larter says, “Salman is such a prankster! I was filming a dance number and guys in hooded masks with guns came in and started shooting at each other and blood started gushing. Everyone dropped to the floor and started screaming. They were Salman’s bodyguards, and they were firing blanks. We were ready to kill him!”

HOLLYWOOD – Film director Brett Ratner has been a Hollywood pro for a while, but the moment he felt most powerful in the biz was while filming a take for Rush Hour 3 on the Eiffel Tower with dynamic duo, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Ratner tells Jeanne Wolf, “I turned to Jackie and Chris and said, ‘Watch this.’ I turned to my assistant director and said, ‘Turn off the lights.’ Ching, all the lights go off on the Eiffel Tower. It was totally dark. Then I went, ‘Put them back on.’ Ping, the lights go back on. I recognized that I was really a director at that point, if not the King of the World.”

HOLLYWOOD – Sexy actress Gina Gershon is trading in her sizzling silver screen antics for some creepiness with her new kiddie novel, Camp Creepy Time (The Penguin Group), and she tells Jeanne Wolf she’s enjoying the change of pace that comes with being a writer. Gershon explains, “When you write, you don’t have to comb your hair and put on makeup. You just sit there looking like a nightmare. I didn’t look in the mirror once.”

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