Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Presidential Elections Plagued By Political Trances

LAYTONVILLE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Campaigns for the next presidential election will soon be in full swing, but one trance expert warns voters to keep an eye out for political brainwashing.

Trance research specialist Dennis Wier has just written a book called The Way Of Trance (Trance Research Foundation), where he discusses the powers of mind control and how to avoid being put into a trance, and he says the most dangerous trances happen to people during political elections.

Wier explains, “A politician may use a trance to convince the public of a socially beneficial legislation and get them to vote in their favor. Presidential debates are full of ideas and words that could brainwash people into making terrible voting decisions.”

Wier says watching too much TV during elections could also impair your judgement at the ballot box, since presidential coverage on the tube is full of dangerous soundbites.

He adds, “Fear techniques and catch phrases like ‘You’re either for us, or against us,' can really mess with someone’s mind. Too many over-the-top political messages can turn into abusive trances that will brainwash the public.”

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