Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Actor Matt Damon has been busy filming the Bourne trilogy the past few years, but now that the final film, The Bourne Ultimatum, is hitting theaters, Damon tells columnist Jeanne Wolf he’s got other responsibilities to tend to, like potty training his young daughter, Isabella. Damon says, “I’m not looking forward to potty training. It doesn’t look like that’s gonna be Isabella’s strong suit. Right now, she likes to go to the bathroom primarily on me.”

HOLLYWOOD – Julia Stiles plays a CIA operative stuck behind a computer in the first two Bourne flicks, but in The Bourne Ultimatum, she goes on the run with hero Matt Damon. Stiles admits it took her some time to figure out what to wear while fleeing an on-screen assassin and she tells Jeanne Wolf: “I was going for high heel boots because I had this idea that I was supposed to look cool and pretty. As soon as I saw all the cobblestone streets I was like, “There’s no way I’m running through this place with heels on.”

HOLLYWOOD – Andy Samberg plays a wannabe stuntman in the upcoming comedy, Hot Rod, and when he isn’t riding a moped in the film, he’s busy fighting his co-star, Deadwood actor Ian Mcshane, who apparently fights dirty. Samberg confesses to Jeanne Wolf, “He clocked me for real, and each time he totally pretended like it was an accident. Like, ‘Oh, did I get you, love?’ Yeah, you got me McShane – you know it, you f■■ker. You broke the beak [my nose].”

HOLLYWOOD – Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony play a turbulent couple following their dream of Salsa music stardom in the new film El Cantante, and J.Lo tells Jeanne Wolf that playing a destructive couple helped her and Anthony appreciate their real marriage more than ever. Lopez explains, “After days of screaming at each other on the set, Marc and I would go home and say, ‘Thank God we have a sane marriage.’ Now we don’t feel so bad about arguing over the toothpaste.”

HOLLYWOOD – Marc Anthony plays Salsa legend Hector Lavoe in the upcoming drama, El Cantante, and Anthony tells Jeanne Wolf that the film reminded him of the crazy things he experienced when trying to break into the music biz. Anthony says, “When I first started in Salsa, they wanted to pay me in cocaine. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? You guys are dinosaurs. Where’s my cash?’ I think my upbringing – which put the fear of God into me – helped me resist.”

HOLLYWOOD – Actress Anne Hathaway plays iconic novelist Jane Austen in the upcoming film, Becoming Jane, and she felt pretty comfortable going back in time from the 21st century into Austen’s world – well, almost. Hathaway tells Jeanne Wolf, “I’m not really a good 21st century girl. I don’t like texting, I hate email, and I break computers. I could do without corsets though [in Austen’s world].”

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