Monday, July 2, 2007

‘Pirate Master’ Castmember Is Cooked Off

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Serving up gruel for his mateys on Pirate Master wasn’t enough to keep one pirate wannabe from walking the plank.

Bartender Sean Twomey served his last supper as the ship’s chef on Pirate Master last Thursday (June 28), and it gave the cookin’ corsair more ups and downs than a stormy sea.

Twomey says, “Cooking for the crew is like being the flower delivery guy, no one is pissed off when you show up.”

But being behind assigned to man the fiery stove also cost him the opportunity to taste other items on the swashbuckling menu.

As he puts it, “It kind of bugs me I had to cook 25 to 30 meals a day and had no time to learn more about the sails and the ship.’

And what’s worse, the buccaneer bartender couldn’t even choose between Parrot Bay or Captain Morgan.

Twomey says, “They supplied us with a never-ending amount of warm rum, and I never had the chance to make one mixed drink.”

Pirate Master sails on Thursdays.

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