Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Angelina Jolie’s kids are used to being on the set of Mom’s movies, but the sexy starlet tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that her son, Maddox, was a little confused when he visited the set of her new film, A Mighty Heart. Jolie explains, “Maddox has grown up on sets, dressing up in hair and makeup himself. But A Mighty Heart was strange for him. He’d become a friend of Marianne [Pearl’s] son Adam, and he kept asking me why I was trying to look like Adam’s mommy.”

HOLLYWOOD – Funny man Steve Carell has plenty of God- given power in his new film, Evan Almighty, but he tells Jeanne Wolf that his true God-sent skill is shakin’ his groove thing. Carell says, “I’m a fantastic dancer. Fox should do a series just for me, [and name it] I Know I Can Dance, Sucka. It’ll be me [dancing] every week for an hour.”

HOLLYWOOD – Steve Carell is a true friend of the animals in Evan Almighty, but the actor tells Jeanne Wolf he may have smuggled an animal or two from the set to do some extra research. Carell jokes, “I brought one of the giraffes home to live with me and eventually I ate it because I was hungry. Everyone wants to know if it tasted like chicken. You know, they say that frog tastes like chicken; well giraffe tasted like frog. I froze the leftovers. If you do the Ziploc bags in the freezer giraffe can last up to eight months.”

HOLLYWOOD – Comedienne Wanda Sykes uses her witty personality in Evan Almighty, but she admits her sharp tongue has gotten her in a lot of trouble in the past. Sykes tells Jeanne Wolf, “As a kid I was always outspoken and I’m sure my parents lost a lot of good friends because of the things I would just say. It got to the point that they would just ship me off to my grandmother whenever they had guests coming over because they had no idea what was gonna come out of my mouth.”

HOLLYWOOD – Actor John Cusack plays a brave man who specializes in debunking paranormal occurences in the new film 1408, but in real life, Cusack admits he’s always been a scaredy cat. He tells Jeanne Wolf, “I saw The Shining when I was about 12, and that freaked me out. I snuck in alone, and then I had to walk home for like 20 minutes by myself. That was a bad, bad, bad, bad walk. I thought I heard Jack Nicholson around the corner of every bush.”

HOLLYWOOD – Although he’s outgrown many of his childhood fears, 1408 star John Cusack confesses to Jeanne Wolf that he’ll always be afraid to go to a scary movie with a jock. Cusack explains, “I went to a movie with a friend of mine who’s a real jock. I went to cover my eyes and he’s been making fun of me ever since, for like 10 years. So never go to a scary movie with a jock. Otherwise when you wince, they make fun of you for a decade.”

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