Monday, June 4, 2007

Monster Waves Won’t Wash Away Bad Blood

CAMBRIDGE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One surfer-turned- author is waxing philosophical on the dark side of hangin’ ten.

Surfer Andy Martin is the author of Stealing the Wave (Bloomsbury), which chronicles the radical rivalry between big- wave surfers Mark Foo and Ken Bradshaw.

But according to Martin, the feud is bigger than the killer waves the two surfed on Hawaii’s North Shore.

Martin explains, “This story shows the good, bad, and ugly of surfing. It’s about men and identity and domination. It’s a rivalry that transcends sports.”

When Foo was killed in 1994 at the legendary surf spot Maverick’s near San Francisco, where both men bitterly fought for the wicked waves, the feud should have ended.

But according to Martin, that’s when things got interesting.

Martin says Foo’s sister is still “very anti- Bradshaw,” and when he questioned Bradshaw, the gnarly and notorious surfer was elusive.

Martin says, “I asked Bradshaw, ‘Did you kill Foo?’ and Bradshaw said, ‘It’s Foo who’s killing me.”’

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