Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – With Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End hitting theaters tomorrow (May 25), Johnny Depp tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that he may already be suffering from Captain Jack Sparrow withdrawal. Depp admits, “Of course I miss him. I found myself going to director Gore Verbinski and saying, ‘Are you sure there’s nothing else we can shoot? Maybe we should do another take?’ I was just trying to avoid what was inevitable – saying goodbye to Captain Jack. I know some people have said I sold out to do the sequels, but it’s really hard for me to say no to playing a character I love so much.”

HOLLYWOOD – Johnny Depp is often compared to Peter Pan for playing his whimsical role as Captain Jack Sparrow on Pirates, but Depp doesn’t mind his kid-like qualities. He tells Jeanne Wolf, “We lose touch with the kid inside us. Imagination is the greatest gift we have. I’m still kind of a kid in a lot of ways. Even my daughter sometimes says, ‘Poppa, grow up!”’

HOLLYWOOD – Orlando Bloom loves playing the good- hearted Will Turner on Pirates Of The Caribbean films and hopes he has some personality traits in common with the sweet sailor. Bloom tells Jeanne Wolf, “I’m definitely an awesome swordsman and he’s become one. Also, I think Will is always trying to do the right thing. I would say Orlando tries to do the right thing most of the time – well, occasionally.”

HOLLYWOOD – Pirates director Gore Verbinsky has worked with the cast on the films for nearly four years and admits he’s gone head-to-head with Johnny Depp many times due to their creative differences on the set. Verbinsky confesses to Jeanne Wolf, “Johnny Depp and I had a pretty unique relationship, which was to sort of unspokenly dare each other. I’d suggest something and then he would one-up me or vice versa. It became a game of ‘How far can we go?”’

HOLLYWOOD – Actor Chow Yun Fat plays the evil Captain Sao Feng on Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End and admits filming his dramatic death scene was really difficult due to some unexpected interruptions. He tells Jeanne Wolf he was on a roll until in his words, “We were all in character, I was reaching my final moment, and somebody’s cell phone rang.”

HOLLYWOOD – Bill Nighy may play scurvy swashbuckler Davy Jones on Pirates, but he admits to Jeanne Wolf that he wouldn’t be a very good pirate in real life. Nighy says, “I’m no good at jumping off ships, I’m no good with a sword, and I don’t like killing people. At least I don’t get seasick, but I still think I’d probably be a terrible pirate.”

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