Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hot Cars Make For Steamy Summer Nights

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Guys, if you want to get the girls this summer, make sure you get a set of hot wheels first.

That’s because according to a recent survey by Lifeskool TV, owning a super slick ride can steam up your sex life.

So for a sizzling summer, head to the car dealership while considering these kinky car stats...

  • 49 percent of adults say they’ve gone “all the way” in their cars, while 66 percent admit they would date someone just because they own a hot ride.

  • 30 percent of people would hook up with the owner of a BMW, while 24 percent prefer sliding into the backseat with someone in a Mercedes.

  • 35 percent say the cost of their date’s car affects the likelihood of a hot motorized make-out session, while 45 percent admit they would snub advances by their date due to the poor quality of their wheels.

    Finally, just because you drive a sweet whip, doesn’t always mean you will impress the fairer sex.

    Case in point: 30 percent of folks say if you drive a souped- up Hummer, you may be using your big rig to overcompensate for possible shortcomings in your physical department.

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