Monday, May 21, 2007

Johnny Tsunami’ Star Can’t Shake Disney Past

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One Disney star might be a senior in college, but that doesn’t mean he can shake his child star past.

Actor Brandon Baker goes to the University of California at Santa Barbara, but he took a quarter off to reprise his role as Johnny Kapahala in the Johnny Tsunami sequel Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board.

The original movie came out more than eight years ago when Baker was only 13, but the 22 year-old admits he still has people come up to him on campus and shout, “Hey, it’s Johnny Tsunami!”

While he’s flattered with the attention, he says it can get annoying, especially when strangers don’t even ask him his real name.

However, Baker admits there’s a small group that does get away with calling him by his alter-ego – his roommates.

Says Baker: “There’s always that one day that I might be ripping on you for a while and they just look at me and are like, ‘Whatever, JOHNNY TSUNAMI!’

He continues: “I’m always like ‘No, you did not just pull that card!”’

Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board premieres this June on the Disney Channel.

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