Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Owen Wilson may be a funny guy, but his brothers Andrew and Luke Wilson tell columnist Jeanne Wolf that he’s more serious and controlling than people think. Says Luke, “One of our nicknames for him [Owen] is the ‘Man Behind The Curtain.’ He kind of tends to control things. I’d say he’s the Tony Soprano of the family. Andrew agrees with Luke and adds, “I’m the older brother, but Owen has taken my title away. I’ve abdicated all responsibility to him.”

HOLLYWOOD – Mike Meyers enjoys playing the lovable ogre, Shrek, in the animated films but admits the recording studio where he tapes his voice for Shrek by himself gets a little lonely sometimes. He tells Jeanne Wolf: “It’s like being a combination of a goal judge in hockey and a member of the witness-protection program. You don’t get a lot of feedback so I developed imaginary friends. I had this eagle that I would talk to. If I did a good take she would go, ‘Kaaa.’ If I did a great take she would do three ‘Kaaas.’ I think I miss her.”

HOLLYWOOD – Mike Meyers will be playing Keith Moon from The Who in an upcoming biopic of the late drummer’s life, and Meyers tells Jeanne Wolf he completely loves and relates to the musician. Says Meyers, “Growing up I loved Keith; he made The Who sound like a jet taking off, and I’ve played drums my whole life too. When you’re the youngest of three [siblings], you become the de facto drummer and goalie. That’s the way life works.”

HOLLYWOOD – Sexy Latin heartthrob Antonio Banderas says his reputation as a Latin lover doesn’t necessarily precede him, especially if you look at the movie roles he’s done. He tells Jeanne Wolf, “I haven’t played that many lover guys. The guy I played in Assassins didn’t even have a girlfriend and in Philadelphia, I was gay.”

HOLLYWOOD – Rupert Everett plays the prissy Prince Charming in Shrek 3 but the actor is appearing in drag in the upcoming film St. Trinians, and admits that he now sympathizes with the physical torture women have to got through. Everett tells Jeanne Wolf, “I play the headmistress of a girls’ school. She’s got very big teeth and enormous boobs. I actually put my back out wearing the breast prosthetic. I sympathize with women who have to wear heels and are also a 38- D.”

HOLLYWOOD – Saturday Night Live funny lady Amy Poehler plays a sassy Snow White in Shrek 3 and tells Jeanne Wolf she loved portraying the princess in a new light. Says Poehler, “Snow White is usually portrayed as this lady who doesn’t mind the chaos surrounding her. But I played her as kind of a bossy Type-A. I mean, there are seven guys underfoot, so she needs to be a little bit of a taskmaster. She’s also got a little bit of a past. She’s got a little Dopey tattoo – she’s been around.”

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