Thursday, April 19, 2007

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

LONDON – Husbands with multiple wives in Great Britain can now claim extra benefits for their “harems” even though polygamy is considered a crime. According to The Daily Mail, polygamy is recognized and a man is compensated if he and his wives move to Great Britain from countries that acknowledge multiple marriage partners.

PHILADELPHIA – A firefighter in Philadelphia is getting a lot of heat for an anti-police rap he wrote. Officials are in an uproar over Rodney Jean-Jacques lyrics such as I hope the news is taping this, ’cause I’m gonna turn pigs into bacon bits and are pushing for his resignation.

LONDON – The world’s first-ever ‘sex theme park’ is opening in London. According to the British tabloid The Sun, the “Disneyland of dildos” features a “spankometer, an orgasm tunnel and a giant wall of willies” as well as interactive attractions like a dummy that moans when the participant finds her G-spot, a voyeur’s peep wall and a video display on oral sex.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you call Kate Beckinsale a bitch, there’s a good chance she’ll consider it a compliment – if you’re referring to her character in the horror flick, Vacancy. She tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that she’s “glad” when people think she does “bitchy well” and jokes that she “worked on it quite hard. Years of research.”

HOLLYWOOD – Most women don’t want to work with rats, but Kate Beckinsale didn’t mind her rodent co-stars in Vacancy. She tells Jeanne Wolf: “I grew up in England and we had real rats; big, black and frightening. The movie rats were clean and kind of cute; but I do think a couple of them pooped in my hair.”

HOLLYWOOD – Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale play an unhappy couple in Vacancy, and they found it difficult playing like they hate each other. Wilson tells Jeanne Wolf, that, at one point, he and Beckinsale vowed to do a romantic comedy where their characters like each other because, he gripes, “It’s weird to be forcing yourself to dislike your co-star.”

HOLLYWOOD – Luke Wilson may be a big celebrity, but he’s used to being in the shadows – even with his own family. He tells Jeanne Wolf that he is so used to being in the shadows of his older brothers, Owen and Andrew that if his Mother called him by their names, he didn’t even bother to correct her.

HOLLYWOOD – Anthony Hopkins is not just good at portraying humans, he’s a great dog impersonator. So says Ryan Gosling, his costar in the new thriller, Fracture. Gosling tells Jeanne Wolf that Hopkins’ way of lightening the mood on a film set is to bark like a dog. But not just one kind of bark. Gosling says Hopkins does a wide variety and adds, “You could almost tell the breed. It was impressive.”

HOLLYWOOD – Lots of actors dream about starring in big action comic book movies, but not Ryan Gosling. He admits to Jeanne Wolf, he’s not sure what character he could play – except for, maybe, Archie.

HOLLYWOOD – British comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost had a hit with the zombie comedy Shaun Of The Dead, and now they’re tackling cop flicks with Hot Fuzz. However, Pegg and Frost are quick to point out that no one in England calls the local police “the Fuzz.” Instead, they’re called “bobbies.” However, Pegg tells Jeanne Wolf that they couldn’t call the movie Hot Bobbies because, as he puts it, “It sounds like something you drink when you’ve got a cold, or the alternative to toaster pockets.”

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