Thursday, April 12, 2007

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

CHONGQING, China – A “woman’s town,” where females make all the decisions and men are punished for not listening, is being built in Chongqing, China. The town’s slogan is “A woman never makes a mistake. A man can never reject a woman’s request.” Bad boys who don’t listen will have to kneel on a board or do dishes for their ladies.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – A panel of moose and reindeer taste testers at a Stockholm, Sweden, wildlife park are helping the National Road Administration decide which type of salt should be used to de-ice the country’s roads in the winter. The 14 hoofed jury members will be given two salt blocks – one with the new sugary flavor and another with the salt used today – and whichever one they like less will be the winning salt. Swedish officials want to make sure the salt doesn’t attract animals to the country’s highways so they can prevent wildlife traffic accidents.

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. – Two co-workers in Citrus County, Florida, just became father and daughter after an unusual adoption. School custodians, Bob Wilkey who is 61 years old, just adopted 41-year-old Darlyn Beam and says they “absolutely love each other.” Wilkey never had his own child and is happy the courts allowed him to adopt Beam even though she’s an adult.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – The world’s oldest chimpanzee, Cheeta, just turned 75 this past Tuesday (Apr. 10) and is healthy and in great shape living at a primate center in Palm Springs, California. Cheeta the chimp starred in 12 Tarzan films in the 1930’s and 40’s and has outlived both of his Tarzan co-stars, actor Johnny Weissmuller who played the jungle man, and Maureen Sullivan, who played Jane.

CHARLESTON, W.VA – A man in Charleston, West Virginia, got an unusual tattoo on his arm that he hopes will help his loved ones take care of him after he dies. Army Vet Russell Parsons got yellow and orange flames on his arm that have instructions inside them to the Barlow Bonsall funeral home where he has a prepaid cremation. The inked up recipe for cremation reads, Cook 1700- 1800 for 2 to 3 hours.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you’re chatting with someone on the internet it could be Halle Berry in disguise. The actress tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that she often prowls through internet chat groups looking for “normal conversation.” She promises parents she’s “not some twisted deviant,” but simply wanted to talk with folks without her celebrity getting in the way. However, she admits that since she “wasn’t being real,” there’s the possibility the person she was chatting with was a fake as well.

HOLLYWOOD – If you google Halle Berry’s name on the internet, half of the hits will be of nude photos of her – or are they? Berry tells Jeanne Wolf, “I just wish my real body looked like the naked Halle Berry on some of those sites.”

HOLLYWOOD – Halle Berry definitely relates to presidential candidate Barack Obama. She tells Jeanne Wolf that since her mom was white, she’s had people tell her that she “wasn’t really the first black woman to win” an Oscar. As a result, she jokes that since Obama also has a white parent, he probably has to “walk down the street with a sign that says ‘I’m half black’ for anybody to not look at him as a black man. And me as well for a black woman.”

HOLLYWOOD – Shia LaBeouf has been rumored to be starring in the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel, but it’s news to him. LaBeouf tells Jeanne Wolf that he gets a kick out of reading things written about him but promises, “If I get a contract for that role, I’m going to tell you. I’ve got a big mouth.”

HOLLYWOOD – Molly Shannon will go to extreme lengths to get an acting role – even lie about her allergy to dogs. Shannon plays a dog lover in Year Of The Dog, and didn’t tell the director. However, she tells Jeanne Wolf that the truth came out during a photo shoot when a dog licked her face and she broke out in “horrible red welts.” Luckily, she wasn’t canned from the movie and she was able to get medication for her pooch problems.

HOLLYWOOD – Giovanni Ribisi plays a computer hacker in the Halle Berry-Bruce Willis thriller, Perfect Stranger, and admits the part came easy to him. He tells Jeanne Wolf that ever since he starred in Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, he’s become convinced that movies are going to made with blue screen and computer graphic imaging technology. So he actually to school to learn CGI techniques. Still, he admits the classes didn’t help his acting much, although he found them fascinating.

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