Tuesday, April 10, 2007

1980’s Flick ‘Teen Witch’ Has A Huge Cult Following

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and A Clockwork Orange have long been cult faves, but the latest cult classic is an obscure 1980’s flick called Teen Witch.

That’s according to the film’s original music producer, Larry Weir, who is capitalizing on the film’s fervent fan base by creating a Broadway-style show, Teen Witch: The Musical, which will tour around the country this summer.

Weir was inspired to develop the 1989 film into a theater production when he realized its huge underground following.

According to Weir, the teen flick has been packing midnight showings with devout audiences in cities like Seattle and New York for years and is worshipped by twentysomething year olds who grew up watching the movie on TV.

Says Weir: “They know every line, song, and character in the movie, and even come to the showing dressed up in freaky 80’s outfits. It’s great!”

Weir is excited that the “little 80’s film that could” is still a fan favorite, and hopes the Broadway show draws in a new generation of Teen Witch lovers that will keep the cult following going strong.

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