Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

ORANGE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The world’s first spiritual perfume has been unveiled in Orange, California. The fragrance is called “Virtue” and creator Vicki Pratt says the mix of apricot, pomegranate, frankincense and myrrh among other oils is designed to be a reminder of God, Christ, the spiritual self and the soul.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A 74 year-old man in Jakarta, Indonesia, is behind bars for beating one of his 107 wives after he suspected her of being unfaithful. Islamic law only allows men to have four wives and police are looking into the incident.

LANGLEY, Wash. – A man in Langley, Washington, celebrated his 101st birthday by passing his driving test. Alden Couch received his new license in the mail and its doesn’t expire until 2012. The state decided to issue the license to Couch after his son promised to follow behind him in his own vehicle to make sure he was driving safely.

MANCHESTER, England – A man with no legs was shocked when a bus driver in Manchester, England, ordered him to produce his bus pass to prove he was disabled. Double amputee Brian Callaghan was in a wheelchair when his wife started helping him get on the bus, but he was halted by the driver who wouldn’t let him ride for free without the pass. Says Callaghan: “The driver shouted ‘Have you got your pass, mate?’ and I said, ‘But I’ve got no legs – surely you can see that.”’
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If Rose McGowan decides to quit acting, she has a great future as an algae scraper. The actress tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that she “can scrape algae off of tiles like nobody’s business,” and credits her skill to the fact that she’s a Virgo.

HOLLYWOOD – Rose McGowan plays a stripper who loses a leg and replaces it with a machine gun in the upcoming film, Grindhouse, and hopes her role inspires Iraq war vets. She tells Jeanne Wolf: “I bet they’re going to really cheer and be happy for somebody that, instead of getting a regular prosthetic, can still take people out with a machine gun.” She thinks her role might help disabled vets to come up with ideas to continue fighting with their squads. In her words, “Hopefully, I’m inspirational.”

HOLLYWOOD – Hilary Swank has taken some difficult acting roles, but none bugged her quite like her work in The Reaping – especially because of her scenes with the locusts. Swank tells Jeanne Wolf that she had to get up close and personal with the critters. She says she kept asking, “‘How many more? I don’t know if I can take it.’ I had to touch them; I had to have them crawling on my body.”

HOLLYWOOD – Some actors who play living people in films want to meet the person they’re playing, but not Richard Gere. He stars in The Hoax as author Clifford Irving, who, back in the 1960s, faked writing a Howard Hughes autobiography. Gere tells Jeanne Wolf that Irving sent him books and notes, but he refused to meet face-to-face because, in his opinion, “He’s a very manipulative person.”

HOLLYWOOD – As a rapper, Ice Cube is known for his violent depictions of life in the hood. Now, he hopes to show the good side of the ghetto in an upcoming TV series. According to Jeanne Wolf, Cube is the creator of a new A&E reality show, Good In The Hood, that will highlight stories of people who started out on the wrong side of the tracks and are trying to get back on their feet.

HOLLYWOOD – Rosario Dawson has been playing some offbeat roles lately – and that’s just fine with her. In Grindhouse, she stars as an Elvis Presley- loving, doll collecting woman who lives in a trailer home and admits to Jeanne Wolf, the character is “quite offbeat.” Some might be turned off by that, but not Dawson. She admits: “I’m the one who wanted to do Clerks 2 ’cause there was a donkey sex scene in it. I definitely have an attraction for weird, twisted things.”

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