Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

PULLMAN, Wash. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man in Pullman, Washington, with an underwear fetish is being charged with 12 counts of burglary after police discovered more than 100 pounds of used panties in his car and home. Garth Flaherty had more than 1500 pairs of women’s panties laying around his home that police believe were stolen from various nearby apartment complex laundry rooms. Flaherty is being held on theft charges.

MAHOPAC, N.Y. – A man who broke into a barn and spray- painted the genitals of three goats can get off the hook if he donates money to an animal charity. Drew Gagnon was charged with animal cruelty after the goat painting ordeal, but has since agreed to donate $2000 to the local Humane Society. No word on Gagnon’s motive behind the goat paint attack in the first place.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – A very drunk man in Auckland, New Zealand, fell asleep on a gas station floor while pumping gas into his car. The man passed out for 40 minutes before police were able to give him a breath-a-lizer test which revealed his blood alcohol level to be more than four times the legal limit. The drunk driver had his two-year-old daughter in the car, and police quickly took her to her mother’s house. The man is due to appear in court soon.

SICHUAN, China – A male dog in Sichuan, China, is in the hospital after being given Viagra and then mating with three female dogs in one day. The dog’s owner, whose name is – get this – “Wang,” says she’s been very busy since mating season started because her pooch is considered “handsome” and many owners want him to breed with their dogs. Wang admits she fed the dog Viagra to boost her earnings.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Will Ferrell plays a pro ice skater in Blades Of Glory, and while he worked for hours on his skating, he’s still not up on the sport’s finer points. For instance, he tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that if someone asked him about a “half-axel pinlift,” he’d reply: “Make it a double. With a little shot of vermouth.”

HOLLYWOOD – Although Will Ferrell wears a tight outfit when he skates in Blades Of Glory, he promises there aren’t any “anatomical enhancements” in his wardrobe. He tells Jeanne Wolf: “We didn’t add any strategic bulges. In fact, we were wearing dancers’ belts which flattens that part of your anatomy.” He says the costumes were “uncomfortable” but promises: “This movie bulges with heart and comedy, but there are literally no bulges down below.”

HOLLYWOOD – If you want to get to know someone quickly, let them touch your breasts for 12 hours straight. That’s the lesson learned by Office cast member Jenna Fischer, who appears with Will Ferrell in Blades Of Glory, especially one memorable scene where he grabs her boob. As she tells Jeanne Wolf: “It seemed like I got 12 hours of breast massage. You get to know a person quickly when they touch your boobs for 12 hours. But, afterwards, Will was a complete gentleman.”

HOLLYWOOD – Former 3rd Rock From The Sun cast member Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a unique way of getting into character for his new film, The Lookout: Pearl Jam. He plays a high school hockey star who has a traumatic brain injury and becomes a janitor. Levitt tells Jeanne Wolf that the key to his character was to listen to Pearl Jam everyday for three months. Luckily, it worked. Levitt is pleased with his performance and says he now likes the band even more than before.

HOLLYWOOD – Actress Isla Fisher has a lot of laughs with fiance Sacha Baron Cohen, but admits they have slightly different senses of humor. According to Jeanne Wolf, Fisher will joke about anything – except racist jokes. Also, she has no plans to ever engage in naked wrestling – at least on camera.

HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino plays a rapist in his new flick, Grindhouse, and while he’s the director, it wasn’t his idea to play the part. Actress Marley Shelton says the casting coup was her idea because the man who was supposed to play the rapist dropped out due to another commitment. Shelton tells Jeanne Wolf that he suggested Tarantino read the part and says the director was so good, they all decided she should do the role on screen. Although Tarantino’s character is supposed to rape Shelton, things didn’t get that far because Shelton shoots him. As she puts it, “I was thinking, ‘Wow, I’m offing Quentin Tarantino.”’

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