Monday, March 26, 2007

New Book Offers World Of Excuses

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When it comes to getting out of sticky situations, a man in San Francisco is full of excuses.

Professional “excuse-maker” David Jacobson has an excuse for everything, including how to get out of participating in an orgy or how to avoid looking at your friend’s vacation photos.

For example, he says the quickest way to politely decline an orgy invitation is to “tell everyone you’d love to stay, but that you just wouldn’t feel right cheating on your Tuesday night sex group.”

You can avoid looking at the boring photos by claiming you left your reading glasses at home.

He also says the best way to avoid dealing with a sex partner on the morning after a one night stand is to explain, “I’d love to stay, but I can’t be late for my Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting.”

However, Jacobson says no matter what the situation, you can always get out of it, hands free, by saying you have to visit a sick relative in the hospital.

As he puts it, “It works everytime because no one is actually going to be rude enough to ask about them.”

Jacobson is the author of a new book, Get Me Out Of Here!: Exit Strategies For All Occasions (Running Press).

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