Thursday, March 15, 2007

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

BILLINGS, Mont. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A man in Billings, Montana, is hoping to avoid getting blamed for crashing his truck into a lightpost – by telling officers it was the unicorn behind the wheel who did it. Phillip C. Holliday, Jr., has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of criminal endangerment, but, so far, officers have not said if they will press charges on the unicorn.

TOKYO – A Japanese construction worker has managed to build quite a collection of women’s underwear by using the climbing skills he learned on the job. Authorities say that Shigeo Kodama managed to purloin 3,977 pairs of panties, 355 bras and 10 pairs of stockings over a six-year period. Apparently, Kodama would climb up the side of walls to get the panties and officials say he had no other interest in any kind of clothing.

NEWARK, N.J. – Talk about a lucky break: A New Jersey man accused of taking more than $135,000 from elderly folks and gambling it away is now being invited to appear on a Ohio Lottery game show called Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich. Tim Snyder is currently out on bond for three theft charges and a credit card charge for allegedly taking insurance benefits from elderly people in return for unperformed handiwork but the prosecutor for the case says there are no restrictions preventing him from going to Ohio for the game show.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Chris Rock plays a bored husband in his new comedy, I Think I Love My Wife, but says any rumors that the film is based on his marriage are definitely exaggerated. He tells columnist Jeanne Wolf: “My wife and I are 10 years in. But anything that’s supposed to be for the rest of your life is going to bore you from time to time. It’s not just marriage. If you live in a country where food and shelter aren’t your biggest concerns, everything bores you after a point.

HOLLYWOOD – Chris Rock has noticeably large protrusion during some scenes in his new comedy, I Think I Love My Wife, but freely admits it’s not God-given. Rock tells Jeanne Wolf that it’s a penis prosthetic and that he wore all day on set so that Gina Torres – who plays his wife – would “get used to it.” Torres admits she got used to it but didn’t want it near her.

HOLLYWOOD – Although the surprise hit, 300, has some grueling battle scenes, cast member Rodrigo Santoro says those weren’t the toughest part of his job; waxing his body was. Santoro – who also stars on Lost – says he had his body waxed every day but after it got too painful, he hired someone to shave his body with a razor. In his words, “Every night at my hotel, I had to get out the razor and some hot towels and do a little touch-up.” Santoro didn’t mind, though. He says that 300 creator Frank Miller describes the character of Xerxes as “hairless” so Santoro did what he could “to be true to his vision.”

HOLLYWOOD – Julian McMahon plays evil Dr. Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel, and, this time, he’s burnt beyond recognition. He hopes he can get the character to do a cameo on his TV series, Nip/Tuck, and tells Jeanne Wolf: “I always thought he should just appear and say, ‘Can you do anything with this face?”’

HOLLYWOOD – Kerry Washington plays a sexy femme fatale in I Think I Love My Wife, but she didn’t feel sexy while filming her big bedroom scene with Chris Rock. According to Jeanne Wolf, Washington didn’t want to take her clothes off for the scene, so she walked around the set in her undies saying, “It’s just a bathing suit, everybody. I’m in a bikini; we’re at a beach!” Later, Washington admits that she watched herself, she was cringing and felt like she was going to vomit.”

HOLLYWOOD – Mark Wahlberg believes his kissing scene in Shooter is, perhaps, the wettest he’s ever done. Of course, it’s with a dog and not his female co-star Kate Mara. According to Jeanne Wolf, a planned love scene with Mara was cut from the movie, but director Antoine Fuqua left in a scene where Wahlberg kisses his pooch. Says Fuqua: “Mark and the dog got pretty intimate. Mark would put a carrot in his mouth, the do would go right for it. I guess there was some tongue.”

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