Thursday, January 25, 2007

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

PERTH, Australia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A psychologist in Perth, Australia, has been arrested for forcing a bulimic client to wear a dog collar while he whipped her with wire coat hangers and cat o’nine tails. Bruce Beaton told the client he was trying a new treatment and wanted to teach her about control. He also told her to take off her clothes and tell him her sexual fantasies.

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia – A college student in New South Wales, Australia, is putting his life up for sale on eBay. Nicael Holt is offering a four week course on becoming him which includes hanging out with his friends and his ex-girlfriend. Holt says he’ll only go through with the deal if the bidder pays in cash and agrees to have the experience filmed for a documentary.

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – A 96 year-old man in Alexandria, Virginia, has been rescued from a parked church van after he had been stuck inside for more than 18 hours. Prostler Samuels is in good condition and was more concerned about his missing McDonald’s order.

JENA, Germany – Scientists in Jena, Germany, have given up after trying for three years to make a sloth move. Mat the sloth refused to climb up and down a pole as part of an animal movement experiment even when enticed by food. He has been since relocated to a local zoo.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Alicia Keys wanted to make a killer impression as an actress, so it’s no surprise she chose to be a serial killer masquerading as a hooker in the new drama, Smokin’ Aces. Keys tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that she’s been offered film roles before and didn’t want “a sweet role in some romantic fairy tale.” It is a stretch to imagine her as a criminal but Keys says she’s similar to her character in that “She’s meticulous. Her mindset is very focused.”

HOLLYWOOD – Alicia Keys learned how to use a gun for Smokin’ Aces, but it’s not the first time she’s used a weapon. She tells Jeanne Wolf that when she was growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, she carried a knife because it made her “feel more comfortable.” But it wasn’t so comfortable for her mom. Keys says when her mom found out she was carrying the knife, she said, “If you need that, maybe we should move.”

HOLLYWOOD – Jennifer Garner admits she doesn’t always trust hubby Ben Affleck’s parenting skills. According to Jeanne Wolf, before Garner went off to promote her new film, Catch And Release, she made a detailed list on how to babysit their year-old daughter, Violet. Still, she admits it’s more of a reflection on her own paranoia than his abilities. As she puts it, “He’s a great dad. I’m the one who is a wreck when I can’t be with her.”

HOLLYWOOD – Some couples spend their evenings playing scrabble or watching TV. But not Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Jeanne Wolf reports that the couple has a room that is made to look like a martial arts dojo and, some evenings, she teaches him some of her trademark moves. It must be working – Affleck has quickly worked his way up to a yellow belt.

HOLLYWOOD – Director Kevin Smith takes a role as an actor in the new romantic comedy, Catch And Release, and admits he ate his way through the role. He tells Jeanne Wolf that he gained 30 pounds during the filming because the part required him to eat during a scene and then he’d stuff himself at the craft services table afterwards. In his words, “I felt like a goose getting stuffed. I thought they were going to make foie gras out of my liver.”

HOLLYWOOD – Hip-hop star Common had an uncommonly hard time switching to acting when he worked on Smokin’ Aces. He tells Jeanne Wolf that it was common for him to show up on set at 8 a.m. and stay there 12 hours without ever getting in front of the camera. Common says it took Entourage star Jeremy Piven to straighten him out. In his words, “Jeremy said to me, ‘Man, one of the biggest keys of being a film actor is being prepared, whenever they call you – whenever they make that call, just being ready.”’ Common points out that when he does a concert that is set to start at 10:30, he’s on stage “rockin”’ at 10:30 “but it’s not like that with film.”

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