Friday, January 5, 2007

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

MENLO PARK, Ca. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A lot of office workers need to start thinking out of the box in terms of the jargon they use – especially phrases like “outside-the-box.” That’s one of the findings of a new survey by the Creative Group, which reveals that the most annoying industry buzzwords by advertising and marketing executives are “outside-the- box,” “synergy,” “the big idea” and “take it to the next level.”

CARDIFF, Wales – A cab driver in Cardiff, Wales, is being accused of driving more than 390 miles over the speed limit. Tom Matthews was issued a ticket by local police accusing him of driving at 420 mph in a 30 mph zone. However, the charges may not stick. The safety camera department which snapped him “speeding” is blaming the ticket on an “employee processing error.” Matthews plans to appeal the citation stating, “I drive a Cavalier, not a jumbo jet!”

LAHORE, Pakistan – It is now legal to fly kites in Lahore, Pakistan. The kites were banned last year after seven people were killed by glass coated or metal-reinforced kite strings.

PHILADELPHIA – A college student in Philadelphia will receive $180,000 from the city after being arrested for bringing flour-filled condoms on a plane. Janet Lee says she was shocked when police didn’t believe she was carrying the flour around in the condom as a stress ball – and not trafficking opium and cocaine.

DEVON, England – An 80 year-old woman in Devon, England, fought off three wild boars that were trying to attack her pet dachshund. Rosemary Hamilton-Meikle used the dog’s leash to hit the boars on the nose and scare them away.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Justin Timberlake won’t confirm if he’s broken up from Cameron Diaz, but insiders speculate he’s uncomfortable with her frankness. columnist Jeanne Wolf recently spoke with Timberlake about a quote made by Diaz where she claims that sex is her favorite way to relax and considers it the “best stress reducer.” According to Wolf, Timberlake’s only comment was a terse, “I think she’s comfortable talking about what she’s comfortable talking about, and it’s no big deal.”

HOLLYWOOD – Justin Timberlake admits he used to think acting was easier than performing music – until he started work on his latest film, Alpha Dog, where he plays a teenage dope dealer. He tells Jeanne Wolf: “I’ve toured with bands since I was 14, and I’ve never done anything that left me so exhausted.” To prepare for the role, Timberlake spent five days a week running up stairs, running on the beach and lifting weights for four or five hours. Then he spent the sixth day boxing.

HOLLYWOOD – Breaking up with Chad Lowe wasn’t easy for actress Hilary Swank, but she hopes it had a positive effect on her fans. The star of Freedom Writers tells Jeanne Wolf: “If what happened to me helps someone realize they’re in a great relationship and to hold the person closer, then do it. If it makes someone realize they’re in an unhealthy relationship that is making both of them unhappy, then it’s not the end of the world.”

HOLLYWOOD – Samuel L. Jackson had to be a lot braver than he expected when he signed on as a military surgeon for the new war flick, Home Of The Brave. He admits to Jeanne Wolf that it was only a movie, but “when you’re surrounded by blood and screaming actors pretending to be wounded soldiers, you get a sense of what it must really be like. He was most shocked during a scene where he had to operate on a soldier whose leg was blown off. Says Jackson: “I didn’t realize they had hired an amputee, so I was like, ‘Oh s, he doesn’t have a leg.’ It really brought it home to me.”’

HOLLYWOOD – Bill Nighy says he knew he did a good job as Davy Jones in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies when he visited some friends with small kids. They were afraid to meet the “Squid Man,” and bolted the doors. However, Jeanne Wolf reports that the frightened kids eventually came out and later told their mom, “He looks like the President and talks like Austin Powers.” Nighy says that’s not such a bad description. In his words, “I’ve gotten a lot worse reviews than that.”

HOLLYWOOD – Now that its Awards Shows Season in Hollywood, clothing designers are conferring with actresses over who gets to wear which outfit. It gets pretty catty at times, which is why top PR executive Stan Rosenfield prefers to work with male stars. He tells Jeanne Wolf that, unlike his female clients, George Clooney and Danny DeVito never complain if Robert DeNiro is wearing an identical tuxedo.

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