Thursday, September 21, 2006

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A first grader in Kansas City, Missouri, has been suspended for ten days after bringing a 2-inch toy squirt gun to school. The incident will be on the student’s permanent record but his mother plans to plead her case in front of the school district.

PERRY, S.C. – Police in Perry, South Carolina, are looking for a man who claims he was performing a religious ritual at a local Wal-Mart. Apparently he hid in the curtain aisle, told the woman he was in the middle of a ritual and started to lick her feet. An employee caught the man in the act, but he fled before any action could be taken.

PALMETTO, Fla. – A man in Palmetto, Florida, is in the hospital after leaping 50 feet into a river to retrieve a $20 bill he had dropped. He was rescued by a Wildlife conservation officer and is being treated for a broken collarbone.

HASTINGS, ENGLAND – Police in Hastings, England, got quite a shock when they raided David Churchward’s house for marijuana. Churchward was completely naked and attending to his plants. Police believe he was in the buff so he wouldn’t get the smell on his clothes.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Johnny Knoxville insists he doesn’t have a death wish -- but try telling that to the cast of Jackass: Number Two. In the film, Knoxville lets himself be trampled, bitten and blown up and is even launched into the sky aboard a massive rocket. No wonder fellow Jackass star Dave England tells columnist Jeanne Wolf: “The consensus among the rest of us [is] ‘Knoxville won’t be happy until he kills himself.”’

HOLLYWOOD – Surprisingly, Johnny Knoxville had to struggle to be a risk taker in his younger days. He tells Jeanne Wolf that he had such bad asthma as a kid that he had to carry an inhaler in his sock. In fact, he almost died from asthma attacks when he was 8 and 11. However, he didn’t let it get to him. As he puts it: “When you’re a kid, you just try to get back up.”

HOLLYWOOD – Despite the success of the Jackass franchise, Johnny Knoxville says the persistent rumors of a Broadway version are greatly exaggerated. But he tells Jeanne Wolf: “If it did, I guess we’d call it Jack-off.”

HOLLYWOOD – Fans of John Travolta’s dancing will get a heavy dose of it in the upcoming big screen version of the musical Hairspray. According to Jeanne Wolf, the film features a dance sequence with Travolta – who plays a morbidly obese wife – and Christopher Walken as the husband. Zadan insists the number is a “show stopper,” and claims, “The two of them together are like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.”

HOLLYWOOD – Kirsten Dunst didn’t have to look very hard for the inspiration to play Marie Antoinette in the upcoming movie of the same name. She just looked at herself. She tells Jeanne Wolf: “I was 11 when I started acting, and I’ve always been surrounded by adults and people I’m trying to please. It can make you feel very isolated and lonely. You’re constantly wondering if people are using you.” Dunst says director Sophia Coppola told her she saw the same kind of sadness in Dunst that she wanted for Marie Antoinette.

HOLLYWOOD – Russell Crowe’s next film is the frothy romantic comedy, A Good Year, but his crusty image has some people raising their eyebrows that he can play it light. But Crowe thinks that talk is nonsense. He tells Jeanne Wolf: “There’s a lot of laughs in Gladiator, mate. If you chop someone’s head off the right way, it’s f■■■ing funny.”

HOLLYWOOD – Jude Law was raked over the coals for sleeping with his kids’ nanny and he admits he was disheartened by the skewering. He tells Jeanne Wolf: “People seem more interested in setting up someone as this bad person and that disheartens me a little. We all mess up, but we’re equally capable of making it better, of healing wounds.”

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