Thursday, August 31, 2006

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

SYDNEY, Australia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A brothel owner in Sydney, Australia, is enticing customers by offering a discount on gas for every service they purchase. Madam Kerry says the sex industry has taken a hit because of the high gas prices and hopes to encourage business with the gas offer. Says Kerry: “We wanted to find a way to give back to our clients.”

YORKSHIRE, England – A rare bird collector fell to his death while examining a nest in Yorkshire, England. Colin Watson was a notorious collector who violated England’s Wildlife and Countryside Act on more than one occasion. Back in 1985, police raided his house and found more than 2,200 eggs including an illegal golden eagle egg.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A 500-pound woman in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is having a whale of a time. Peggie Johnson’s husband and daughter have been arrested for neglecting to feed or bathe her, leaving Johnson all alone in her home. Apparently, the couple was too busy having sex with each other to help Johnson go to the bathroom or anything else.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – A sex shop owner in Wellington, New Zealand, is making no apologies for posting security camera pictures of people stealing sex toys in his store window. John Frew says he’s fed up of people shoplifting and that his scare tactics have actual resulted in embarrassed thieves returning to pay for the stolen toys.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Orlando Bloom returned to the Caribbean for his latest movie, Haven, but under conditions less grandiose than those for his Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Bloom tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that Haven was so low budget that he had to shoot eight or nine scenes a day compared to just one a day on Pirates. In his words, “I was used to doing a few flashy sword moves in the big pics and heading back to my trailer. Instead, we’d all help pick up the equipment and run to another location to catch the sun before it went down. The funny part is, I loved every minute of it.”

HOLLYWOOD – Nicolas Cage owes a debt to legendary punk rocker Johnny Ramone. Before Ramone died, he and Cage hung out and one night the punk guitarist made the actor watch the 1970s movie, The Wicker Man. Cage tells Jeanne Wolf: “I found it very disturbing, but it’s my favorite kind of movie. It’s like an Edgar Allen Poe gothic story.” Cage hopes his remake of the film has the same effect. In his words, “I want to turn [audiences] into insomniacs.”

HOLLYWOOD – Fans of the Ghost Rider comic book may be scared off by Nicolas Cage’s vision of the character. Cage is starring in a big screen version and has made the Ghost Rider a fan of ’70s soft rock star Karen Carpenter. As he tells Jeanne Wolf: “Ghost Rider is sort of literally sitting in a dental chair every second of his life as he fights the bad guys. He’s such a bad ass, he needs to calm down so he listens to Karen Carpenter and eats jelly beans.”

HOLLYWOOD – Action hero Jason Statham works hard in his movies but filming the sex scene in his new flick, Crank, was the hardest of all. The scene takes place in public with actress Amy Smart and he tells Jeanne Wolf that doing an aggressive sex scene is quite difficult at eight in the morning. However, as he puts it, “Try doing it right out in the middle of a public place with a crowd of screaming extras with their little camera phones going click, click, click, taking a picture of your pasty white ass.”

HOLLYWOOD – If you want to cure your depression, take an acting role where you play a guy who sinks into dementia. That’s what did the trick for Donald Sutherland, who stars in an upcoming drama, Aurora Borealis. He tells Jeanne Wolf that before he took the role, he was “almost suicidally depressed.” However, his wife insisted he take the part and, as a result, he found it so liberating that it ended up curing his depression.

HOLLYWOOD – Terrence Howard takes his work seriously – even if he’s just taking out the trash. ESPECIALLY if he’s taking out the trash. Howard tells Jeanne Wolf that when he takes out the garbage, he tries to do it as thoroughly as possible because, he admits, “because we got whopped when we didn’t take out the trash properly when I was a kid.” Howard says he’s still afraid he’ll get whopped if he doesn’t do it right because, as he puts it, “He’s still alive and he’ll tell me if I slip up.”

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