Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Guitar Maker To The Stars Hopes Mermaid Guitar Hooks Him Some Cash

EXETER, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A guitar maker in Exeter, England, is hoping to rake in a boatload of cash by selling a guitar that is shaped like a mermaid.

Andy Manson, who has made guitars for Jimmy Page, Andy Summers and Mike Oldfield, has spent the last four years working on an instrument he calls “Possibility.”

It’s a guitar that is shaped like a mermaid, complete with comely torso and fish fin.

Manson based the dimensions of the guitar body on his wife but admits the mermaid’s face came ‘strictly from fantasy.”

Now he’s fantasizing he can make a fortune selling the guitar at The current bid is around $9500 but Manson hopes the bids are up to $1 million when the auction end mid-September.

Manson is also hoping the person who buys the mermaid-shaped musical instrument is a guitar player “because they would know how to take care of it.”

He also hopes the buyer will find some way to keep the guitar in the public eye so others can see it.

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