Thursday, August 3, 2006

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

LANCASHIRE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Police in Lancashire, England, want to ban “vertical drinking” – or standing up while drinking – because they feel it’s the leading cause of public disorder in the town. Officers hope to enact a “no standing” rule to curb pub brawls and excessive drunkenness.

LAHINCH, Ireland – Politicians in Lahinch, Ireland, hope to fetch more than $383,800 for a rundown public toilet because it offers great views of one of Ireland’s premiere surf spots. The loo is located right on the beach and as retailer Nicola Leyden puts it, “It’s probably the most sought-after pee you’ll ever take on the west coast of Ireland.”

PAWTUCKET, R.H. – A man in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, has been detained after breaking into a McDonalds at 3 a.m., biting a police dog and attempting to blow up the chain restaurant. Adalberto Cardoso then tried to escape by “throwing handfuls of milkshake” at cops and even electrocuted three officers when he bit into an electrical cord.

STAFFORDSHIRE, England – A Muslims-only day at the Alton Towers amusement park in Staffordshire, England, has been canceled due to poor ticket sales. According to The Sun, plans to ban gambling, alcohol, smoking and mixed-sex rides was not well received by non-Muslims and possibly added to the low turnout.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – How do you do a music video for a film like Snakes On A Plane? Easy, just advertise for “dirty girls who want to shake their asses in a video.” That’s what the “ravesploitation” music duo, Captain Ahab, did for its title song, “Snakes On A Brain.” According to columnist Jeanne Wolf, video director Lawrence Klein demanded that all the women in the video wear butt shorts because, as he puts it, “I just wanted a bad-ass video...People having a good time, holding snakes.”

HOLLYWOOD – Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a woman affected by the World Trade Center attacks in the new drama, World Trade Center, and she admits she was worried if her politics might offend Allison Jimeno, the woman she plays in the movie. Before she was cast in the role, Gyllenhaal raised the hackles of some by saying she felt America “has done some reprehensible things and is responsible in some ways” for the attacks. However, she tells Jeanne Wolf that when she met Jimeno and asked if they had any problems with her remarks, Jimeno’s hubby, Port Authority cop Will Jimeno told her point blank: “We don’t care about your politics.”

HOLLYWOOD – Jessica Biel admits she was embarrased when Esquire magazine declared her the “Sexiest Woman of the Year” but was pleased by her dad’s reaction. Biel tells Jeanne Wolf, “My Dad couldn’t be prouder and that’s the most important thing.” Biel’s next project is The Illusionist, which stars Edward Norton.

HOLLYWOOD – Andie MacDowell plays a mother hen in the new animated comedy Barnyard and admits she had plenty of first-hand knowledge from her days living on a Montana farm. She tells Jeanne Wolf: “We had chickens, and getting the eggs can be a problem if you have a mean rooster. They can be hideous. They’ll attack you, jump up and peck you. Take this as a warning.”

HOLLYWOOD – Kristen Bell is already a star to geeks everywhere thanks to Veronica Mars but her upcoming role in Fanboys should seal her cult status. Bell tells Jeanne Wolf that the film takes place in 1998 and is about a group of Star Wars nerds who try to break into George Lucas’ ranch to steal a copy of the movie. Bell says she plays a “feisty little babe” like Princess Leia but says the real highlight will be the Braveheart-styled battle between the Star Wars freaks and the Trekkies.

HOLLYWOOD – Sam Elliott has a gender identity problem in his latest film, Barnyard. He plays a cow and while his voice is male, the body has udders like a female. Elliott admits to Jeanne Wolf that he was perplexed by the anatomy issue but decided if his character was anatomically correct, it wouldn’t be a family film but “more like a horror movie.”

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