Thursday, July 20, 2006

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

WHALEYVILLE, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A couple in Whaleyville, Virginia, had the shock of their lives after seeing a naked man run towards their parked car and start beating it with their pet pigeon. The couple escaped to a neighbor’s house and called police, who discovered the man had broken into the couple’s bird cage, killing four of their feathered friends.

KINSALE, Ireland – A circus kangaroo named Sydney is on the loose in Kinsale, Ireland. Sydney apparently escaped from his handlers before a performance and hasn’t been seen since. Locals weren’t that surprised. They’ve reported various Sydney sightings and have renamed the kangaroo “Hoppy.”

MERSEYSIDE, England – A man in Merseyside, England, claims he gets an erection every time his neighbor uses his garage door remote control. According to The Register, the man got a penile implant while in Turkey to help his impotence and now he says he has no control over his overactive member.
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Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood: Celebrity Advance Items From Movies.Com

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Colin Farrell stars in the movie version of Miami Vice but anyone expecting him to channel Don Johnson better forget it. Farrell tells columnist Jeanne Wolf that his version of Sonny Crockett is completely different from the TV show. As he puts it, “It’s not about fashion and shoes with no socks and having a pet crocodile. This is a very dark tale.”

HOLLYWOOD – Miami’s DEA agents have a tough job but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun at actor Colin Farrell’s expense. According to columnist Jeanne Wolf, the local DEA agents actually invited Farrell to join them on what they claimed was a real bust where they were buying 40 kilos of cocaine from some Columbian traffickers. At one moment, the drug dealers screamed at Farrell, “You’re a cop. I know you’re a cop, and you’re wearing a wire.” Farrell says he ripped open his shirt to prove them wrong and went, “Look, no wire. I’m clean man. I’m no cop.” Farrell enjoyed the joke after the fact and adds, “These cops knew I was an actor and they just wanted to see a grown man s himself.”

HOLLYWOOD – If Miami Vice is a hit, thank Jamie Foxx, who plays Ricardo Tubbs. If it bombs, blame him as well. According to Jeanne Wolf, Foxx was the guy who planted the idea of a big screen version of the film in the ear of the show’s creator, director Michael Mann. At first, Mann laughed the idea off but Foxx says he “kept reminding him what a great opportunity it was. And he finally made up his mind to go for it.”

HOLLYWOOD – Some people are skeptical the buzz of the orginal Miami Vice TV series can be duplicated in the movie version – including the show’s original star Don Johnson. He tells Jeanne Wolf that he has doubts the magic can be recaptured because, as he puts it, “There are certain things about the ’80s that don’t exist today.” Miami Vice hits theaters July 28.

HOLLYWOOD – Kevin Smith’s wife, Jennifer Schwalbach, makes her acting debut in Clerks II and he tells Jeanne Wolf the decision to cast her was a simple matter of priorities. As he puts it, “I wanted to continue getting laid. So it makes sense to cast the wife.” Although Smith had to direct his wife in kissing scenes with the film’s star, Brian O’Halloran, he wasn’t worried about the chemistry. In his words, “If she had been making out with, say, [Ben] Affleck, I might have sweated a little bit. But she’s making out with Brian O’Halloran. She ain’t leaving me anytime soon.” Clerks II opens in theaters tomorrow (July 21).

HOLLYWOOD – Actress Rosario Dawson can have her choice in guys so was she shocked to hang around the loser characters in Clerks II? Not a chance. Dawson tells Jeanne Wolf that those guys are exactly the type she grew up around because her uncle is a comic book artist. In her words, “I’ve been around a lot of geeky guys who are very passionate about what they love and what they hate. Of course, Dawson admits she’s forever attracted to those geeky guys and admits her boyfriend, actor Jason Lewis, is “one of the biggest comic book geeks on the planet.”

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