Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Owners Of Platters Name Going After Not-So-Great Pretenders

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The 1950s vocal group The Platters sang hits like “The Great Pretender,” but now the man who owns the rights to the group is going after the not-so-great pretenders.

For years, members of the band have formed separate versions of The Platters.

Now there are an estimated 130 groups around the world performing under The Platters name, including a German group with two white members.

Now, Marvin Lashever wants to put a stop to it.

He purchased the rights to The Platters’ name and music back in January and is telling anyone who is unauthorized to use the name to cease and desist.

Lashever is also hoping to be a uniter as well as a divider. He’s already signed two surviving members of the group and is hoping to get as many Platters as possible to reunite into a new group.

Since The Platters are one of the classic groups of early rock, he figures a reunited group would be more valuable than in splinterized form and, since many of the members are pushing 80, “it would be nice to see them go out on top.”

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