Friday, June 30, 2006

History Of Stewardesses Is Just Plane Crazy

ALBANY, Ore. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – This year marks the 76th anniversary that the first stewardess set foot on an airplane, but a new book suggests the history of the profession has been, at times, plane crazy.

According to Come Fly With Us: A Global History Of The Airline Hostess (Collectors Press), the world’s stewardess was Ellen Church, a registered nurse who was hired by Boeing Air Transport to comfort ailing passengers.

Her first flight, on May 15, 1930, was so successful that seven other stewardesses were hired shortly thereafter.

However, there were strict requirements: Ladies had to be short – under 5-foot, 4 inches – because of low ceilings and narrow aisles.

Meanwhile, some other stewardess moments have more hysterical than historical.

During the 1960s, stewardesses for an airline called BOAC were issued paper dresses and given scissors so they could shorten the hems during flights. Problem is, male passengers kept burning the dresses with cigarettes for kicks.

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