Monday, May 29, 2006

BellRays Play Maximum Rock & Soul – For The Future

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you haven’t heard the music by the BellRays, it may be because it’s too good for the radio – yet.

That’s what a growing number of people are saying about the female-fronted “soul-punk” quartet, The BellRays.

The band’s talented, energetic and afro-topped singer, Lisa Kekula, says it’s easy for people to stereotype her as the “soul” of the band, presumably because she’s a black woman backed by three white boy ex-punkers.

Kekula understands that’s a quick way to try to describe them, but, “as things get more diverse, they get more specialized, too, and people don’t want to consider anything outside their little scope.”

The BellRays new record, Have A Little Faith, does wear its proto-punk-slash-vintage soul influences proudly on its sonic sleeve, but Kekula challenges anyone to play her “anything from the past that sounds like” the BellRays.

She adds: “Sure, we’ve got the Ike and Tina Turner meets the Stooges or MC5 aspects, but there’s Public Enemy in there, and some future thing you called ‘I don’t know what,’ too.”

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