Tuesday, April 18, 2006

‘Million Dollar Baby’ Boxer Gives Chicks Hints For Kicking Ass

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – In the cutthroat, kill-or-be- killed world of Hollywood, the Law of the Jungle has always prevailed.

Now, one of its killer female successes is offering women her tips on how not to be one of the killed.

Her name is Mimi Lesseos, and if you don’t recognize her from her portrayal as one of the fighters in the Oscar-winning movie Million Dollar Baby, too bad for you – especially if you’re a would-be mugger on the street.

According to Mimi, the best way not to become a victim is, “First, not to look, act or walk like one. Second, never run from an attacker, but rather, turn and loudly confront them verbally.”

Mimi concludes, “And third, when you strike your attacker, strike to kill or maim, never just to hurt. Hurting your attacker will only make them angry.”

Lesseos agrees a good, basic self-defense class will not only help you walk and talk like a non-victim, but deliver the blows necessary to save your own life – whether you’re a “woman, a teen or even a child.”

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