Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Inventor Creates Hybrid Kayak

OSLO, Norway (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – While the world oohs and aahs over hybrid cars, an inventor in Norway has invented a hybrid kayak he calls the “Flyak.”

It’s a combination between a kayak and a hydrofoil – a winglike structure attached to the hull of a boat that reduces drag by raising part of the hull out of the water when the boat is moving forward.

The advantage of the new vessel is that it could break the world record set for a human-propelled craft, which is currently 22 mph.

It was invented by Einar Rasmussen, a physicist and former competitive kayaker.

Rasmussen couldn’t be reached for comments, but his friend and test pilot Peter Ribe says the boat is fun, but “not for the recreationalist.”

That’s because as Ribe explains, it takes the strength of a professional to reach speeds where the hydrofoil will kick in.

Unfortunately, the Flyak doesn’t qualify for official competition, but it could be going into production by June.

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