Thursday, January 26, 2006

Researcher Discovers Prostate Provides The Big-O For Men

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Traditionally, men have brought up the rear when it comes to multiple orgasms, but that could soon change.

In fact, according to Plato Rosinke, a prostate health researcher, the rear end is exactly where men can become, as he puts it, “orgasmically equal to women.”

Rosinke’s method to prime the prostate involves breathing techniques and contracting the muscles around the base of the spine. The technique is repeated until the muscles fatigue and it generates a prostate or “anal orgasm.”

He says some men achieve them without any work, while others may prefer sex toys or hands on methods to massage them.

Rosinke claims that the average person can usually master the technique with two weeks of training.

And while it’s not exactly like ejaculation, he says “ideally, the best time to do it is during sex” because it enhances a regular orgasm.

More information can be found in his e-book, Prostate Orgasms, Prostate Cure (Golden Dog Inc.) at his website,

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