Thursday, January 12, 2006

Paranormal Researcher To Enter James Randi Challenge

PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Paranormal researcher Lou Gentile feels he has more than a ghost of a chance of winning paranormal skeptic James Randi’s million dollar challenge to prove paranormal activity exists.

Gentile records Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) where he asks questions to alleged spirits and records their often frightening answers, and he’s so confident in his skills in picking them up that he plans to officially enter Randi’s challenge in two weeks.

Gentile admits he wasn’t always skilled with EVPs. He says he researched them for 20 years with little luck until six years ago when he began picking them up everywhere he went.

Even Gentile doesn’t know why for sure. Part of the answer may lie in his digital recorder, which he claims the manufacturer discontinued making because consumers complained they recorded voices that shouldn’t be there.

In Gentile’s words, “It’ll give the skeptical community a chance to observe this, study it and come up with their own conclusion.”

Naturally, the skeptics remain skeptical. Randi says the so- called EVP recordings are often done in unshielded areas where stray telephone calls or TV programs are being picked up.

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